v0.2.0 - Three More Games

We're so excited to release another batch of three new games added to DragonOS. These three games highlight a nice variety of what's possible with DragonRuby Game Toolkit

Game Additions

  • The Little Probe by Amir Rajan - an experimental platformer
  • XENO.TEST by Brett Chalupa - a quiz-like cyberpunk comedy
  • Shadows by Amir Rajan - outrun your past in this trippy platformer

OS Changes

  • Sound effects for navigation
  • Fullscreen toggle on desktop
  • Hide mouse cursor since it isn't used

As always, DragonOS is free and open source to help encourage learning and discovery of games made with DragonRuby.

If you have any requests for types of games or functionality, suggestions are welcome.

Screenshot of The Little Probe:

Screenshot of XENO.TEST:

Screenshot of Shadows:


dragon-os-macos.zip 32 MB
Dec 02, 2022
dragon-os-linux-amd64.bin 33 MB
Dec 02, 2022
dragon-os-windows-amd64.exe 33 MB
Dec 02, 2022
dragon-os-linux-raspberrypi.bin 33 MB
Dec 02, 2022
dragon-os-html5.zip Play in browser
Dec 02, 2022

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